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NEW COVID-19 Guidelines

What to Expect for a Massage Session


We are in uncharted territory. The Coronavirus global pandemic changed our world forever. We will find new ways to adapt and transform. Massage is beneficial for a person’s overall health and wellness, however, the proximity (lack of social distancing) of the client and therapist during a session presents new challenges to protect the safety of both people. The protocols that I will follow represent many hours of research and use the guidelines from the state of PA, the state board of massage in PA, Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, the CDC, suggestions from the National Massage associations, and other leaders in the profession. I completed 10 Continuing Education hours in Disease Transmission and Prevention and Massage in the Time of COVID-19. These guidelines represent the best practice protocols used to provide safety for both individuals. If you would like to discuss these guidelines feel free to reach out to me via phone or email.

  • Per CDC guidelines, masks will be required for client and therapist during the session. For massage table clients, you may remove the mask while face down, unless you are more comfortable leaving it on. Thai massage clients will need to keep the mask on during the entire session due to the nature of mat-based work.

  • A signed COVID-19 Informed Consent waiver and general health intake form will be required before service. These forms are available for download below and will be emailed to the client before the session.

  • Cancellation policy: Due to the nature of COVID-19, the 24-hour cancellation policy is waived at this time. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please cancel your session as soon as possible via phone or email.

  • If you have allergies, I recommend that you take your allergy medication before the session to limit your symptoms during the session.

  • If you have traveled outside of the state (PA) or the U.S. or have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 in the last for 14 days, please reschedule your appointment.

  • I will conduct a wellness phone call check-in one day before the session.

  • Please note I will use only CDC approved cleaning products to sanitize the treatment area.


Conducting a session in a client’s home presents even more challenges than in-office sessions. For in-home sessions, please read the suggestions below to assist with maintaining both client and therapist safety.

  • Treatment area should be a well-ventilated space preferably on a main floor of the home with limited steps.

  • Provide access to a bathroom or sink for the therapist to practice proper hand-washing.

  • Limit exposure for the therapist to only household members that will receive massage therapy.

  • Multiple session locations-Allow for approximately 30 minutes in between sessions to allow for proper sanitation and ventilation of the treatment space.


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